Hey Peaches!

We can’t even describe how cool it is to see this community already growing!  Today we’re bringing you a little behind the scenes of the first Millions of Peaches box with Jillian and Lauren- two incredibly talented women growing their small businesses! Sometimes life needs a little touch of *sparkle* don’t you think? Jillian created these beauuuuuutiful studs and we knew we HAD to have them. Of course, we want you to have them, too! 

Meet Jillian

Jillian is a mom, photographer, and artist from Roxbury, New Jersey. Incredibly talented and full of spunk, she started her photography business in 2009 to provide for her growing family. In 2018 she started making gorgeous jewelry and personalized gifts. Distinctive and bold, she’s all about delightful little surprises and unique creations. With Jillian, you get quality and a woman committed to the hustle! 

Follow Jillian on Facebook and Instagram and visit her at: www.jillianspencerstudios.com

Pink Druzy Studs featured in the Summer MOP box!

Meet Lauren

Lauren is a total sweetheart from Greenville, SC and ownsStudio 37 Prints. She fell in love with the process of relief printmaking during her undergrad at Berry College. She’s been sharing her love of print media at art fairs and craft shows across the south, and also works as a Life Enrichment Director at a Memory Care Facility. One day, she hopes to open a clinic that offers counseling services and an open studio that allows the special needs population to express and explore themselves through the therapeutic power of art. We're not crying - you’re crying. You can find Lauren onFacebookandInstagramand atwww.studio37prints.com.

If you’ve been around for a while, you may have even voted on this note card from Lauren!! This perfect peach design will be part of a pack of notecards that scream summer fun.  

Women like Jillian and Lauren inspire us to use our talents, serve others well, and support each other fiercely.  When you sign up for a Millions of Peaches box membership, you’re joining a community of women that support, encourage, and grow together. We believe there are women making a difference in this world with better products and better missions overshadowed by brand names. With your membership, these women have a chance to grow their small business, and you have a chance to be delighted with 6-8 thoughtfully curated items in every box! 

 Also, in case you missed it, we’re partnering with the Homeless Period Project! The Homeless Period Project exists to end the stigma of menstruation and restore dignity to women by providing access to menstrual hygiene products. We're so happy to share that $10 from each annual membership will benefit the Homeless Period Project, supporting them in their mission to change the world one community at a time. 


Meghan and Maura


June 9, 2021