Our Mission and Story

Millions of Peaches Mission:


First and foremost, we understand the sacrifices women make to start and run their own businesses. Not only do they wear all the hats of the business, they wear all the hats at home with little buffer in between. With our subscription box, we want to expand their business potential and provide a highway ramp directly to their target market - women who already want their products, but don’t know where to find them. Through our box, we look forward to seeing not only the economic power of helping each other level up in business, but also the satisfaction of quality, made-with-love products, too.


Here at Millions of Peaches Box, we believe in supporting other women who are looking to grow and scale their small businesses.


  • We believe in building one another up. We see your talent and want your confidence to match.
  • We believe in paying fair wages.
  • We believe in equality, no exceptions.
  • We believe in community over competition.
  • We believe in serving our communities and supporting women focused non-profit organizations, because we understand that our mission means nothing if we cannot give back and watch our local communities thrive.
  • We believe in transparency and open communication.
  • We believe in learning, growing, and adapting as technologies and social constructs change. We KNOW there's a lot we don't know and are seeking constant education.
  • We're here for the long haul--we're building our Millions of Peaches community alongside our subscription box so that we can share our strengths with other business owners and cheer each other on along the way.


While Maura and I may be parenting a gaggle of boys (and one sweet baby girl), you can bet your 🍑 that our little (and not so little) guys are learning the ropes of owning a business and the value of hard work (...and that women deserve the same pay for the same jobs that men do).


We look forward to serving you as we expand our mission!
Meghan + Maura
July 11, 2021

Practice What You Peach

How it started. . . 

Picture it: June 2015, Atlanta

Six women traveled from different cities to a hotel on Peachtree Street to attend a 4-day training session for their new catering sales positions with a national brand. Little did they know they would leave with a beautiful new group of friends who have loved and supported each other every day since. Meghan, Maura, Ashlea, Meg, Rebekah, and Casi began referring to the group as “The Peaches,” and nurtured a solid and enviable support system that helped them navigate ALL things personal and professional.

Over the past 6 years, the Peaches have been there for each other in every way imaginable. When tragedy has struck, exciting news has been announced (4 babies & counting, 1 wedding & 1 engagement), career changes, moves, and just the very Monday-est of Mondays, the Peaches have been there via text, phone calls, FaceTime, and live and in person. You could say that they are more of a sisterhood now, all because they were randomly put together in a conference room (and rental cars) back in ATL.

Flash forward to late 2020 when two of the Peaches decided they wanted to spread the love and support that they have found in their small group with as many women as possible. They see the true beauty of what can happen when women build each other up and encourage each other to shine.
The Millions of Peaches mission started with six strangers and will one day include any and all women who want to grow together, love, and support one another.


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Maura & Meghan