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Women supporting women in small business.

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A Note from Meghan and Maura:

We’ve been astounded at the number of women who so quickly believed in our mission and joined the wait list for the first Millions of Peaches Box! We knew this was a special idea, and your interest has confirmed what we knew to be true - when given the chance, women will always support other women. Thank you so much for believing in the box and we’re overjoyed to have you in our community. What started with 6 women will soon be global!

What it is:

With a Millions of Peaches box membership, you’re joining a community of women that support, encourage, and grow together. We believe there are women making a difference in this world with better products and better missions overshadowed by brand names. With the Millions of Peach box, these women have a chance to grow their small business, and you have a chance to be delighted with 6-8 thoughtfully curated items in every shipment!

Each seasonal box comes with a variety of items you will love and use in several different areas of life. While each box will be different, you’ll see items like snacks, beauty products, things you can use at home or in the office, and whatever might amuse us or come in extra handy in the season. You’ll always find something to love, and support women in the process! Your membership also supports The Homeless Period Project with $10 from each subscription going directly to the organization!

How it works:

The Millions of Peaches box membership is an annual subscription including four seasonal boxes per year. Membership is billed annually and paid in full. This allows our team to ensure the artists and businesses we work with are able to give us wholesale prices so we can deliver on time and at a competitive price!

What to expect:

We don't like to let out ALL the secrets (because the fun is in the surprise, right?) but you can expect something along these lines in each box: fun office supplies, home accessories, jewelry, health and wellness, and perhaps an extra sweet snack. . .and more! 

Some faves from from our Summer 2021 box!

sneak peek at several items featured in our summer 2021 box (set of hand printed note cards, earrings, mask, sugar cookie)