Lavender Grow Kit

Hey Peach!

We hope you're enjoying your Spring 2023 MOP Box!

In this kit, you'll find:

  • One compostable nursery pot
  • One organic coco coir pellet
  • One packet of organic English lavender seeds
  • One hand-lettered lavender garden marker



Soak the coco coir pellet in about 4 tablespoons of warm water in a small bowl until it’s saturated, but not soggy.

Empty damp coco coir soil into the biodegradable planter and gently press 6-8 lavender seeds into the top 1/4” of the soil. (Seeds need sun to germinate!)

Place on a small saucer and keep near a sunny window.

Lightly spritz with fresh water and be careful not to overwater- drainage is vital because lavender plants often die from root rot due to soggy soil.

Sprouts should begin to form in about 14 days! (Don't be discouraged if it takes longer -- some plants can take longer depending on the environment)

Once you have some sprouts with leaves (plants should be 2-3" high), repot into a larger vessel with ample drainage and look forward to the fragrant blooms!


Enjoy the relaxing scents and benefits of your own lavender plant for years to come - either in your herb garden or as a houseplant. Bonus--both the leaves and flowers are edible! 


Follow along here to see how our lavender plants are doing and tag us so we can see your green thumb adventures!

Here's a great resource for growing and harvesting lavender:



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